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September 30, 2009

I’m feeling much better today. I don’t know why I was so ill on Monday, but I went home and layed down with Logan for a while and had some chicken noodle soup with a bagel and felt much better. I still have a cough and a stuffy nose, but I feel okay. I had a kinda poopy day yesterday because I was working on my outline for my speech and I was getting ready to save it, and the computer booted me out. I got back in and looked under Recently Accessed Documents, nothing. So I lost it all and I’m pretty pissed, but I got most of it redone this morning. I have to give my speech tomorrow and I’m a little nervous, but I think it will be awesome, I hope.



September 28, 2009


I feel like poo. My stomach is all icky and I am exhausted and sick. Logan is at home sleeping, lucky bastard, but I’m so glad he got to stay another night. I have an Earth Science test on wednesday and I’m pretty nervous about it because I have no idea what to expect. I fell asleep during the review which is bad. Logan and I watched Pandorum and it’s a pretty intense movie, good though. It made my head hurt though. It hurts now too…I feel a headache comming on. yay…


September 23, 2009

College life is just as monotonous as high school…which is a bummer. At least it is for me. I need to get out more or something, I just suck at meeting people. I’m kinda bummed because Logan is having a hard time right now and I’m six hours away and I can’t do anything to help him. I hate feeling helpless, it makes me sick and eats me up inside. It also makes me feel weak, which I don’t like either. Hopeless, Helpless, Heartless…some of the most sickening feelings to experience. Nothing you can do. I feel the urge to write a poem about it.

Speaking about helpless, this is an awesome website 

It has some really awesome items that donate food to people who need it. They also have fair trade, recycled and green items. There is also a page where if you click on it everyday, it raises money for more food. Please shop!

One Gentleman of Floyd County

September 21, 2009

I had a really nice weekend with Logan and now he’s gone and I’m sad and tired. He had alot of work he had to take care of, which was okay because I did too. I bought him a ticket so he could see Two Gentlemen of Verona with me. It was a really good play. They modernized it a little bit and put in singing and more comedy, but it was good and they did a good job…I don’t want to write a three page paper about it though…three pages of BS! On Saturday we got up early and went to a really nice farmer’s market in Williamsburg. There were all sorts of delicious produce, treats, meat, seafood and cheese! The delicious goat cheese on local made three cheese bread….heaven. Then we did some more school work and went to Sandbridge, but it was windy and stormy, so we didn’t swim. We took a nice long walk on the beach and I got some cool shells and saw a huge crazy bunch of mermaids purse that had wrapped around some fishing line on the shore. It was wild. Logan helped me cook a wonderful dinner of shrimp, scallops and grits with filet. It was so good!! Logan got to stay an extra day so we just relaxed and worked on school work and stuff. We went to my roommates restaurant and had dinner which was really good. BBQ! But now Logan’s gone…and I’m alone again…poo…

Logan and Work

September 18, 2009

Logan suprised me by comming up for this weekend yesterday! He looks like a mexican because he is so tan and came in with a white wife-beater and a thin moustache…it teased him thoroughly. We both have alot of school work to catch up on, which is kinda good so we will both be working, but I also want to spend time with him. I went to the Five Points Community Farm Market. It’s a great place to support local small farms all around the area with good produce and food. It is located on 2500 Church St. in Norfolk; you should check it out!! This is a site that helps people find local markets and products in their area you should check out what’s in your area!!


September 16, 2009

I definately don’t know what to do…I’m getting all the work of college and I’m falling behind. I still don’t have my computer class book…fucking Amazon. I have a paper due, I haven’t read my Earth Science book chapters, I’m still behind in History and I definately suck at Analog vs Digital information. I never know what to write in these stupid blogs anyway…I’m tired all the time, but I get a good deal of sleep. I really miss Logan and all of my friends…I want logan to come up this weekend, but I have so much work to do I don’t know when I’ll do it. BTW, the cafeteria food sucks…

This Weekend

September 14, 2009

Logan visited me this weekend!! He suprised me by showing up at my house early, which was a bummer because I was late and I had left my cell phone at the house. On Saturday we went to Sandbridge and the waves were really big…at least for that area…it was really crazy and fun. The sand scraped up my elbows but ti was worth it. We also stopped at that farmer’s market there and got some really cheap sweet corn, peaches and some wierd grapes. We also got a beautiful tuna steak from a seafood house and cooked it witht he corn…SO GOOD!! On Sunday, I dragged Logan around while I was shopping and we went to see the movie 9. It was an interesting movie…thematic…but not much of a point to it. Logan made me some wonderful porklion with apples and apricats with balsalmic potatoes and greenbeans with bagels! I love food…Logan has to leave today…and I’ll be all alone again… 😦

7:53?! $#*!

September 11, 2009

So, I kinda had a late night chilling with my roommates, so I thought I set my alarm correct. Well, at 7:53 in the morning, I realized I set it for 6:00 p.m. not .m. So I yelled obscentities, threw on some pants and a shirt, grabbed my books and flew off to my first class, which starts at 8:00. I parked in the garage, and ran, and I made it at 8:02! woo! No good seats…but that’s to be expected. I was so tired, and I had adrelaline from the stress, so I was shaky and droopy which made my ADD awful…I’m not sure if I took any relevant notes. Afterward, I rushed to the cafeteria to get some food before I passed out, and drank some shitty coffee while I finished my PP presentation for my next class and sumbitted it to Blackboard. Way stressed!!! Anyway, Logan is comming up from Floyd  for the weekend, so I’m really excited about that. No more stress!

Adventures from The Hillsville Flea Market!!

September 10, 2009

I had a great Labor Day weekend with my friends. I drove all the way home on Friday and spent the night at Logan’s and on Saturday I picked up Josiah and Amanda and we were off the the Flea Market!!! I found all sorts of cool stuff for pretty descent prices. I got seven DVD’s for $4 a piece, an eyeball necklace and bracelet (I have an eyeball fetish), a bunch of lipstick/gloss, an awesome T-shirt, some cool rocks ( I was bummed my favorite rock place wasn’t there this year :(…), and some other jewelry for only $1 a piece. We had alot of fun. We found some World War II gear, wierd hats and masks, a big watermelon, the route 666 sign, and all sorts of stuff. Check out the whacky pictures!!

Recycled art

September 4, 2009

I’m trying to figure out cool waysto make recycled art in useful forms. I’ve thought about taking aluminum cans and making collages of images over the front and that can be used as a pencil holder or or somesort of container. I’ve also thought about making frames out of cardboard with images and pop tab jewelry. I’ve also thought about making glass bottles in vases with decorative images and things. I’ve also been getting into hemp weaving and I’ll be adding found shells to them as well. I’d also like to start doing found art. Thoughts? Suggestions?