Mine Teacha?!: Thoughts from My first Earth Science class

Mine Teacha?!

So, My first period teacher…wait, I mean, the teacher of my first class is a fast-talking Einstein from Germany. Yay! so, I’m kinda screwed. A.D.D. friendly it is not…SHNITZEL!!! I’m about to start my communications class so we’ll see how that goes. My blisters are oozy…{blizters I got from walking all around campus in new heels that were too narrow…poo} gross!! My plan, as of now… is to investigate VCU majors and minors- I need a catalog. In a benificial case, I will transfer after 2 years at ODU. It sucks, but I hope I will succeed. Then, depending on money and majors, I will attend AI {The Art Institute of Washington} and get the digital filmmaking degree. I need to write down more ideas. We’ll see…


3 Responses to “Mine Teacha?!: Thoughts from My first Earth Science class”

  1. Luke Says:

    Art Institute of Washington…never been over there. Talking to a cute photography major from there though 🙂 haha. I’m trying to work on my graduation intent as well…dammit way too confusing.

  2. houdus Says:

    I transferered from VCU to ODU after two years there. Before you transfer that make sure that VCU will take all of your credits. That is where I made a mistake. For some reason ODU did not take all of my VCU credits and I had to take some of the classes over again. 😦 Other than that every thing was ok. VCU is a good school, and I only left because I was too close to home. Good Luck 🙂

  3. Dawn Boyer Says:

    Good luck – take as many classes outside the college as you can also (in art field). Deinitely check out the art museums around Norfolk, Va. Beach, and Chesapeake!

    Dawn Boyer

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