7:53?! $#*!

So, I kinda had a late night chilling with my roommates, so I thought I set my alarm correct. Well, at 7:53 in the morning, I realized I set it for 6:00 p.m. not .m. So I yelled obscentities, threw on some pants and a shirt, grabbed my books and flew off to my first class, which starts at 8:00. I parked in the garage, and ran, and I made it at 8:02! woo! No good seats…but that’s to be expected. I was so tired, and I had adrelaline from the stress, so I was shaky and droopy which made my ADD awful…I’m not sure if I took any relevant notes. Afterward, I rushed to the cafeteria to get some food before I passed out, and drank some shitty coffee while I finished my PP presentation for my next class and sumbitted it to Blackboard. Way stressed!!! Anyway, Logan is comming up from Floyd  for the weekend, so I’m really excited about that. No more stress!


One Response to “7:53?! $#*!”

  1. Courtney Says:

    I can definatley relate to that! Parking and seats in class are rare when you are running behind.

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