This Weekend

Logan visited me this weekend!! He suprised me by showing up at my house early, which was a bummer because I was late and I had left my cell phone at the house. On Saturday we went to Sandbridge and the waves were really big…at least for that area…it was really crazy and fun. The sand scraped up my elbows but ti was worth it. We also stopped at that farmer’s market there and got some really cheap sweet corn, peaches and some wierd grapes. We also got a beautiful tuna steak from a seafood house and cooked it witht he corn…SO GOOD!! On Sunday, I dragged Logan around while I was shopping and we went to see the movie 9. It was an interesting movie…thematic…but not much of a point to it. Logan made me some wonderful porklion with apples and apricats with balsalmic potatoes and greenbeans with bagels! I love food…Logan has to leave today…and I’ll be all alone again… 😦


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