I definately don’t know what to do…I’m getting all the work of college and I’m falling behind. I still don’t have my computer class book…fucking Amazon. I have a paper due, I haven’t read my Earth Science book chapters, I’m still behind in History and I definately suck at Analog vs Digital information. I never know what to write in these stupid blogs anyway…I’m tired all the time, but I get a good deal of sleep. I really miss Logan and all of my friends…I want logan to come up this weekend, but I have so much work to do I don’t know when I’ll do it. BTW, the cafeteria food sucks…


One Response to “meh…poop”

  1. Rachel G. Says:

    haha, I must say, your title is what cought my eye! I know how you feel! I did almost an entire chapter of spanish homework last night so that I could be able to hand it in today. I hope your semester gets better!
    Not all of the food is so shitty, the nachos are always good ;P

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