One Gentleman of Floyd County

I had a really nice weekend with Logan and now he’s gone and I’m sad and tired. He had alot of work he had to take care of, which was okay because I did too. I bought him a ticket so he could see Two Gentlemen of Verona with me. It was a really good play. They modernized it a little bit and put in singing and more comedy, but it was good and they did a good job…I don’t want to write a three page paper about it though…three pages of BS! On Saturday we got up early and went to a really nice farmer’s market in Williamsburg. There were all sorts of delicious produce, treats, meat, seafood and cheese! The delicious goat cheese on local made three cheese bread….heaven. Then we did some more school work and went to Sandbridge, but it was windy and stormy, so we didn’t swim. We took a nice long walk on the beach and I got some cool shells and saw a huge crazy bunch of mermaids purse that had wrapped around some fishing line on the shore. It was wild. Logan helped me cook a wonderful dinner of shrimp, scallops and grits with filet. It was so good!! Logan got to stay an extra day so we just relaxed and worked on school work and stuff. We went to my roommates restaurant and had dinner which was really good. BBQ! But now Logan’s gone…and I’m alone again…poo…


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