College life is just as monotonous as high school…which is a bummer. At least it is for me. I need to get out more or something, I just suck at meeting people. I’m kinda bummed because Logan is having a hard time right now and I’m six hours away and I can’t do anything to help him. I hate feeling helpless, it makes me sick and eats me up inside. It also makes me feel weak, which I don’t like either. Hopeless, Helpless, Heartless…some of the most sickening feelings to experience. Nothing you can do. I feel the urge to write a poem about it.

Speaking about helpless, this is an awesome website http://shop.thehungersite.com/store/site.do?siteId=220 

It has some really awesome items that donate food to people who need it. They also have fair trade, recycled and green items. There is also a page where if you click on it everyday, it raises money for more food. Please shop!


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