Halloween in the Mountains

I’ll be spending Halloween weekend back home in Floyd and I’m really excited to dress up and see my friends. This has been a long two weeks without Logan and I really miss my friends. Poor Amber has strep throat and Amanda is very susceptible to it so I worry how we are going to handle that but I think it will work out. This has been a pretty relaxing week which I am very glad for considering the last two were midterms and very stressful. I still haven’t gotten my grades back, which worries me a little. I didn’t do very well on my Theatre midterm, which is surprising to me because I thought I would do well, but the questions were bogus anyway. I’ll be visiting my grandfather who is recovering from surgery and I’m worried about him. I don’t know how much time I have left with him now that I’m away at college. But anyway, I hope to post some cool Halloween pictures and have an awesome weekend enjoying life.


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