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November 23, 2009

Logan drove me down to NC this wekend and we hungout and chilled with his friends Britt and Peter. They are a bunch of crazy guys, but they are alot of fun. They made some funny videos and practiced music and we all ate bagels. Logan and I got some furniture for only about $11 bucks! We got a lounge chair, two tables, and four chairs, which is pretty awesome! I had a bad morning though; I went to start my car and my battery is still messed up. I’m just so angry and frustirated…this is going to mean more money. I’m very lucky to have such an understanding family and loving boyfriend.


OOO! Pretty flowers…

November 20, 2009

Does anyone know what kind of flowers/berries these are? They are really awesome and I’d like to know what they are.

A Bit of Nor’ Easter

November 20, 2009

I went around my neighborhood looking for some devastating Nor’Easter pictures, but I was a little too late, so they aren’t very devastating. A down tree on some powerlines, a fallen branch, a small sinkhole and a poor poor ferret who looks drowned or was killed and got wet, very sad.

I hate situations…

November 18, 2009

so… I drove my car through some high water during the Nor’Easter and it screwed it up pretty bad. My battery won’t charge, my steering is messed up, and my brakes are too. I drove it to classes for a day or two until my battery finially died…and died…and died. Luckily my roommates sved me twice and then Logan came to Norfolk to help me. He’s so wonderful. So, we go to take it to the shop and Logan is driving my car and it dies…in the middle of the road. Two cops stop us and ask us what’s wrong and direct traffic around us when I realize I had forgotten my purse…with my ID inside. I panic and I tell the cop I forgot, we were in a rush, my boyfriend just wanted us to be safe…and he let me off! The cops called a tow truck  and he charged $135 to tow my car about a mile…which really pisses me off!! But it turns out my alternator belt snapped when I was in the water, so my alternator has been running without a belt for a while…no wonder it overheated and my battery kept dying!

November 16, 2009


Here are some pictures from Halloween in Floyd. I was at Brandon and Leigh’s house and it was awesome! the first pic is me and Logan, the next wo are Me, Logan and Amber, and the last one is my friends Amanda and Josiah. I love my fangs, even if they didn’t stick very well.PIC_2067PIC_2072PIC_2071PIC_2065

Virginia Film Festival

November 9, 2009

This weekend Logan and I went to VCU on friday and visited Richmond. We happened to see our friend Hank who goes there totally by accident, which is pretty cool. I visited my Richmond Burris family which was nice, I don’t get to see them very often. On Saturday we drove to Charlottesville where we did the Virginia Film Festival. We watched a bunch of shorts made by high school kids, which was pretty good. We watched The First Millimeter which was a very informative about desertification of soil all around the world. Next, we watched a documentary made by Sean Kotz, a friend of mine, called Virginia Creepers, which is about horror hosts of Virginia.

Then, Logan and I watched That Evening Sun which was an amazing movie that I totally recomend!

After that, we watched the Adrenaline Film Project where a group of people have to write, cast, film, and edit a movie in only 72 hours! They were pretty good considering…

On Sunday we watched Allan Ball, writer and director of American Beauty, Six Feet Under and TrueBlood, give commentary on an episode of TrueBlood. It was pretty awesome and he was totally down-to-earth.