I hate situations…

so… I drove my car through some high water during the Nor’Easter and it screwed it up pretty bad. My battery won’t charge, my steering is messed up, and my brakes are too. I drove it to classes for a day or two until my battery finially died…and died…and died. Luckily my roommates sved me twice and then Logan came to Norfolk to help me. He’s so wonderful. So, we go to take it to the shop and Logan is driving my car and it dies…in the middle of the road. Two cops stop us and ask us what’s wrong and direct traffic around us when I realize I had forgotten my purse…with my ID inside. I panic and I tell the cop I forgot, we were in a rush, my boyfriend just wanted us to be safe…and he let me off! The cops called a tow truck  and he charged $135 to tow my car about a mile…which really pisses me off!! But it turns out my alternator belt snapped when I was in the water, so my alternator has been running without a belt for a while…no wonder it overheated and my battery kept dying!


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