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The End…Probably

December 9, 2009

Due to the fact that it is the end of the semister and I will no longer be required to post on the blog this is probably good-bye. I’ve never been big on blogs because I really feel like no one cares what my thoughts are, because my thoughts really aren’t that interesting and I’ll probably just keep them to myself. Thank you for reading my blog and Have a good holiday and life.

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Dread and Celebration

December 2, 2009

Exams are approaching!! Fear is stricken into the hearts of all! I’m definitely worried about the exams especially in History. Logan’s leaving today and I won’t get to see him until after exams for Christmas Break, but at least I get all of break to be with him. Today is our year and a half anniversary!!! I wasn’t sure whether or not to make it a big deal, but t still seems monumental to me. I love that boy…

Thanksgiving Break

December 1, 2009

Logan drove me down to Floyd for break and I had a great time! Thanksgiving was nice and I got some good information for my paper on how the fall of the Berlin Wall changed how the Navy functioned. Logan was depressed because he had a lonely holiday, but I finally got him laughing. Amanda and I moved mulch all day on Friday and earned $30, but I was real sore afterward. Saturday was a bummer because everything just wasn’t working, but Logan and I saw the Roanoke Star which is the world’s largest man made star.$starcam