yay weekend

October 23, 2009

I’m so glad the weekend is here! I’ve been way stressing but most of the stress is over for now. The History midterm is done, I’ll find out grades in about two weeks…good or bad. This is sadly my first weekend without Logan and that makes me pretty sad. I was a dumbass last night and I was eating frozen yogurt, when it fell off my spoon onto my Mac! I quickly wiped it off as best I could, but today I can tell some of the keys are sticky which is very bad. I’m hoping OCCS or someone can clean them or something…


Even Worse

October 19, 2009

It’s tomorrow!! The dreaded History Midterm! GASP! wish me luck…anyway…i got to spend most of this week with Logan which was so wonderful. He kept me sane, lol. We’re going to visit VCU the week after Halloween to see what they have avaliable and to see how many credits will transfer. It makes me feel nervous and sick. Logan was so sweet and made me good food and comforted me. He’s so sweet, I don’t know what I’d do without him. We’ll probably be living toether next year, which is kinda scary, but I know we’ll be happy.

Midterm dread

October 16, 2009

My history midterm is Tuesday…it’s 30% of my grade…I am going to die. No, really. I am trying to study, but my brain just turns to mush. I have to write an essay that’s more than 5 paragraphs…and that’s just one part! I also need to start on a speech for Public Speaking and I’m not sure how to approach my subject. Logan is in town so he’s trying to keep me sane with good food, but that can only do so much, lol. Oh, I got an A on my Rocky Horror Picture Show speech! Take that! lol…

The Buffalo

October 14, 2009


This weekend I went back to Floyd and I really got to be with my friends. On Saturday I got to visit my grandfather (Papa)  in the hospital and he told me about his trip to France. He’s out now and doing well. After I visited him, I got to eat at Red Lobster with my family to celebrate my cousin’s 21st birthday. it was sort of melancholy because Papa wasn’t there. Afterwards, we gorged ourselves on cake and ice cream at my uncle Steven’s. On Sunday, I went hiking on Buffalo Mountain with my parents and all my friends. It was awesome! It was so beautiful and it was nice to take a good hike. On Monday, I baked apple pie made with apples from Logan’s house and went to Blacksburg. There, I ate at The Greek Cellar and then we went bowling. It was nice to see my friends one last time before I returned to Norfolk on Tuesday.


October 7, 2009

SSDD…I hope everyone knows what that means. If you do, you understand.

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Weekend in the Boonies

October 5, 2009

So, I went home this weekend to go to a party at my friend’s house and it was awesome! I drove six hours down and the drive wasn’t too bad and I got to hang out with some friends I haven’t seen in a long time. We played Mexican train dominoes which was pretty fun. The next day we ate at Blue Ridge restaurant which has the best breakfast! Then, I visited my old co-workers and I hung out with my Dad and took a wlk around my old house. it was nice to be in Floyd. I also went to the Arts and Crafts Festival in town and saw a bunch of cool stuff. I got a free bandana, a bag of chestnuts and a really awesome rock. I went back to Kaya’s house and we ate, chilled and hang out all night with good friends. I had a great time. I love Floyd, and I really miss being in the mountains with good people. I’m going back this weekend for fall break and we’re going to hike Buffalo Mountain, which is going to beautiful.

Wa wa wa waaaaaaa

October 2, 2009

<funky noise>

So, I did my Rocky Horror Picture Show speech and it was a bug bust. I did an awesome job, but absolutely no one got it and they all looked at me like I was an alien. Everyone else did a very short speech on how to make food or something and then I come up incostume, with a big poster, props and handouts and I guess they were just shell shocked. I think I’ll at least get a good grade but it definately popped my bubble. At least I get to go to Floyd this weekend and see all of my friends, it should be a good time.


September 30, 2009

I’m feeling much better today. I don’t know why I was so ill on Monday, but I went home and layed down with Logan for a while and had some chicken noodle soup with a bagel and felt much better. I still have a cough and a stuffy nose, but I feel okay. I had a kinda poopy day yesterday because I was working on my outline for my speech and I was getting ready to save it, and the computer booted me out. I got back in and looked under Recently Accessed Documents, nothing. So I lost it all and I’m pretty pissed, but I got most of it redone this morning. I have to give my speech tomorrow and I’m a little nervous, but I think it will be awesome, I hope.


September 28, 2009


I feel like poo. My stomach is all icky and I am exhausted and sick. Logan is at home sleeping, lucky bastard, but I’m so glad he got to stay another night. I have an Earth Science test on wednesday and I’m pretty nervous about it because I have no idea what to expect. I fell asleep during the review which is bad. Logan and I watched Pandorum and it’s a pretty intense movie, good though. It made my head hurt though. It hurts now too…I feel a headache comming on. yay…


September 23, 2009

College life is just as monotonous as high school…which is a bummer. At least it is for me. I need to get out more or something, I just suck at meeting people. I’m kinda bummed because Logan is having a hard time right now and I’m six hours away and I can’t do anything to help him. I hate feeling helpless, it makes me sick and eats me up inside. It also makes me feel weak, which I don’t like either. Hopeless, Helpless, Heartless…some of the most sickening feelings to experience. Nothing you can do. I feel the urge to write a poem about it.

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